Founded in 2020 by Simon Ullrich with the backing of a group of successful entrepreneurs and family offices. A tumultuous year, including a global pandemic, significant stock market drops around the world and recovery; the largest central banks flooding the market with money and record low interest rates. A crazy time to start a new endeavour, but a time where decisive action makes all the more significant difference.


Simon Ullrich

Managing Director,  Partner combines bespoke investment expertise with entrepreneurship to make an impact. 

Gathered over more than a decade, he gained considerable experience in transformative investment management and the finance industry, most recently as Partner at GTI (Global Thematic Investments) Hong Kong and as Head of Investments of Naissance Capital in Zürich. He built a dedicated emerging & frontier markets investment platform, developed and executed activist investments, and advised corporate clients on listed and private investments (equities and venture capital). 

He served in prior positions with the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Georg von Holtzbrinck GmbH family holding and Allianz Private Equity Partners, and founded a fintech company serving clients such as Credit Suisse, UBS, Deutsche Bank, Julius Bär. 

Simon Ullrich holds a master’s degree in Banking & Finance from the University of St. Gallen (MA HSG) and a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of St. Gallen (BA HSG) with contribution from Singapore Management University (SMU).

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